FabLab Amsterdam

FabLab Amsterdam

FabLab Amsterdam is one of the oldest Fab Labs in Europe, established in 2007 by the Waag Society. The Waag building in Nieuwmarkt is one of Amsterdam’s oldest buildings that is not a church and served as a city gate and a guildhall among its many roles. The Lab plays an important role in the global digital fabrication training course Fab Academy. Intertwined with the activities in the FabLab are Waag’s other initiatives the WetLab (a garage biology or DIYbio lab) and TextileLab.

In December 2021, I was able to visit Waag again. During the pandemic quiet time Henk was able to reorganize the lab; there was a new large laser cutter since my last visit. Cecilia was running Fabricademy out of the Textile Lab.

New space layout with the large laser cutter in FabLab Amsterdam, December 2021
The Fab Charter had been etched on a door; now it’s even bigger and on the side of storage shelves.
A recent Fab Academy project: a Fab Academy instructor that pats you on the back. FabLab Amsterdam, December 2021.
Waag’s Textile Lab, December 2021.
Waag’s Textile Lab, December 2021.
HILO free open source spinning machine, Textile Lab, December 2021.
Ceiling of the Guildhall of the Waag Society building, Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam.

During my visit Teresa van Twuijver, artist in residence and Fabricademy student, was setting up her exhibition in the Guildhall, a fascinating speculative design project called Indigenous Dutch. See more here.

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