Vigyan Ashram

Vigyan Ashram is a centre for educating young people in agriculture practices, such as raising livestock or aquaponics, as well as agricultural technology and frugal innovation development. Its large workshop for wood and metalwork also houses a FabLab. It is a popular site for students to attend Fab Academy, as the projects must be oriented to benefit the residents of the ashram and/or the local residents of Pabal, which is largely agricultural. Engineering students who have studied at e.g. Mumbai or Pune take further training at the FabLab in order to learn how to materially realize projects and deal with local clients.

Students learn how to set up and maintain large aquaponics systems for growing food, cooking and baking, animal husbandry and other agricultural skills.

Aquaponics and hydroponics systems at Vigyan Ashram
Large aquaponics system at Vigyan Ashram
Growing vegetables at Vigyan Ashram
Growing vegetables at Vigyan Ashram
Food Lab at Vigyan Ashram
Chicken raising at Vigyan Ashram

Geodesic domes are also built as used as housing, for growing mushrooms and for other experiments in self-sufficiency.

Dome at Vigyan Ashram

Vigyan Ashram has a large workshop building for the metal and wood workshops, where students work on rural technology development.

A display about Vigyan Ashram that will be on display at an educational fair.
Vigyan Ashram’s workshop building
Workshop at Vigyan Ashram
Rest area in Vigyan Ashram’s workshop. In May-June temperatures can soar to 40-45°C and work is done only in the mornings and evenings.
Workshops at Vigyan Ashram

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