Dissertations on fab labs and maker culture

A list of doctoral dissertations and master’s theses on open design, fab labs, makerspaces,  digital fabrication, 3D printing, maker culture, etc.. Contact me to add yours, and sorry if I missed it!

Doctoral Dissertations

Dowell, Zack, 2022. Making Connections to Make Meaning: A Constructivist Grounded Theory Study of Community College Maker Educators Working (within) the System. Doctoral dissertation.  California State University, Sacramento , USA. https://scholars.csus.edu/esploro/outputs/doctoral/Making-connections-to-make-meaning-a/99257983063901671

Balamir, Selçuk, 2021. Unsustaining the commodity-machine: Commoning practices in postcapitalist design. Doctoral dissertation. University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, Netherlands. https://dare.uva.nl/search?identifier=41641ebe-104c-4572-9b5f-56f64c9390a1 

Millet, Eduardo Jose, 2021. The Role of Sense of Community on Knowledge Sharing Behavior in Makerspaces. Doctoral Dissertation. The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Business Administration, USA. https://www.proquest.com/dissertations-theses/role-sense-community-on-knowledge-sharing/docview/2596654982/se-2

Priavolou, Christina, 2021. Towards a Convivial Built Environment: Developing an Open Construction Systems Framework. Doctoral dissertation. Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn, Estonia. https://digikogu.taltech.ee/en/Item/b40df326-a809-4e7e-90d3-65afa73cfa51

Menichinelli, Massimo, 2020. Open and collaborative design processes: Meta-Design, ontologies and platforms within the Maker Movement. Doctoral dissertation. Department of Media, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Espoo, Finland. https://aaltodoc.aalto.fi/handle/123456789/47213

Oladele-Emmanuel, Babasile Daniel, 2020. Measuring and Managing User Innovation in Emerging Economies: Case Study of South-West Nigeria. Doctoral dissertation. Der Helmut-Schmidt-Universität / Universität der Bundeswehr Hamburg, Germany. https://openhsu.ub.hsu-hh.de/handle/10.24405/9825

Papa, Gerdi, 2020. The Waste and the Digital: End-of-life materials and digital procedures as an opportunity for architectural sustainable development. Doctoral dissertation. POLIS University, Tirana, Albania. https://issuu.com/polisuniversity/docs/gpapa-phd_thesis_

Braybrooke, Kaitlyn, 2019. Hacking the museum? Collections makerspaces and power in London cultural institutions. Doctoral thesis (PhD). University of Sussex, School of Media, Film and Music, UK. http://sro.sussex.ac.uk/id/eprint/89394/ 

Krebs, Vaughn M., 2019. Making Experts: An Ethnographic Study of “Makers” in FabLabs in Japan. Doctoral dissertation. University of Kentucky, Department of Anthropology Theses and Dissertations–Anthropologyhttps://doi.org/10.13023/etd.2020.026

Nachtigall, Troy Robert, 2019. Materializing data: Craftsmanship and technology for ultra-personalization. Doctoral dissertation. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Industrial Design, Netherlands. https://research.tue.nl/en/publications/materializing-data-craftsmanship-and-technology-for-ultra-persona

Torres, Cesar Armando, 2019. Hybrid Aesthetics: Briding Material Practices and Digital Fabrication through Computational Crafting Proxies. Doctoral dissertation. University of California, Berkeley, USA. https://www2.eecs.berkeley.edu/Pubs/TechRpts/2019/EECS-2019-109.html

Boeva, Yana, 2018. Break, Make, Retake: Interrogating the Social and Historical Dimensions of Making as a Design Practice. Doctoral dissertation. Science & Technology Studies, York University, Canada. https://yorkspace.library.yorku.ca/xmlui/handle/10315/35785

Botleng, Vomaranda Joy, 2018. Aligning cognitive processes with the design process in a University-based digital fabrication laboratory (Ub-Fablab). Doctoral dissertation. Mechanics [physics], Université de Bordeaux, France. https://tel.archives-ouvertes.fr/tel-02000670/document

Cuartielles, David, 2018. Platform Design: Creating Meaningful Toolboxes When People Meet. Doctoral Dissertation. Faculty of Culture and Society, School of Arts and Communication, Malmö University, Sweden. https://muep.mau.se/handle/2043/26130 

Mazzilli-Daechsel, Stefano, 2018. Invention and Resistance: FabLabs against Proletarianization. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) thesis. University of Kent, Universität Hamburg. https://kar.kent.ac.uk/71693/

Smith, Thomas SJ, 2018. Material geographies of the maker movement: Community workshops and the making of sustainability in Edinburgh, Scotland. Doctoral dissertation. University of St Andrews, Scotland. https://research-repository.st-andrews.ac.uk/handle/10023/12815

Zollars, Jeffrey, 2018. Flow Theory and Engagement: Observing Engagement through the Lens of Flow in a Middle School Integrated Maker Space. Doctoral Dissertation. University of Pittsburgh, School of Education, USA. http://d-scholarship.pitt.edu/33700/

Bakırlıoğlu, Yekta, 2017. Open Design for Product/Part Longevity: Research through Co-designing with a Focus on Small Kitchen Appliances. Doctoral dissertation. Industrial Design Department, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey. http://etd.lib.metu.edu.tr/upload/12621342/index.pdf

Boisseau, Étienne, 2017. Open-Design: Modeling the open design process in the development of tangible products. Doctoral dissertation. Paris Institute of Technology, l’École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers, France. https://pastel.archives-ouvertes.fr/tel-02148441

Foster, Ellen, 2017. Making Cultures: Politics of Inclusion, Accessibility, and Empowerment at the Margins of the Maker Movement. Doctoral dissertation. Science & Technology Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA. https://eric.ed.gov/?id=ED580488

Lee, Yu-Ling, 2017. Designing technotheologies : ethics, pedagogies, and spiritualities in maker actor-networks. Doctoral dissertation. University of British Columbia, Faculty of Education, Canada. https://open.library.ubc.ca/soa/cIRcle/collections/ubctheses/24/items/1.0348246

Moilanen, Jarkko, 2017. 3D Printing Focused Peer Production: Revolution in design, development and manufacturing. Doctoral dissertation. Faculty of Communication Sciences, University of Tampere, Finland. https://tampub.uta.fi/handle/10024/101691

Rozas, David, 2017. Self-organisation in commons-based peer production: Drupal – “the drop is always moving”.University of Surrey, Guildford, UK. http://epubs.surrey.ac.uk/845121/ 

Applin, Sally A., 2016. Disrupting Silicon Valley Dreams: Adaptations through Making, Being, and Branding. Doctoral dissertation. School of Anthropology and Conservation, University of Kent, UK.

Bosqué, Camille, 2016. La fabrication numérique personnelle, pratiques et discours d’un design diffus : enquête au coeur des FabLabs, hackerspaces et makerspaces de 2012 à 2015 [Personal digital fabrication, discourses and practices of diffuse design: A survey into FabLabs, hackerspaces and makerspaces between 2012 and 2015]. Doctoral dissertation (French). Esthétique et sciences de l’art, Spécialité design, École doctorale Arts, lettres, langues. Université Rennes 2, France. http://www.theses.fr/2016REN20009

Doubrovsky, E.L., 2016. Design Methodology for Additive Manufacturing: Supporting Designers in the Exploitation of Additive Manufacturing Affordances. Doctoral dissertation. Mechatronic design. Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. http://repository.tudelft.nl/islandora/object/uuid:d4214bb0-5bfd-43fe-af42-01247762b661?collection=research

Kohtala, Cindy, 2016. Making Sustainability: How Fab Labs Address Environmental Issues. Doctoral dissertation. School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Design. Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland. https://shop.aalto.fi/media/attachments/f8dd3/Kohtala.pdf

Kyriakou, Harris, 2016. Collective Innovation: Novelty, Reuse and their Interplay. Doctoral Dissertation. Faculty of the Stevens Institute of Technology Hoboken, NJ, USA. https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2931473

Lacy, Jennifer E., 2016. A Case Study of a High School Fab Lab. Doctoral dissertation. Curriculum & Instruction. University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.

Lyles, Dan Allen, 2016. Generative Contexts. Science and Technology Studies. Doctoral dissertation. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, USA. http://www3.hass.rpi.edu/eglash/pdi/fall2016/readings/Lyles%20-%20Generative%20Contexts%20%28Final%29.pdf

Niaros, Vasileios, 2016. Making (in) the Smart City: Urban Makerspaces for Commons-Based Peer Production in Innovation, Education and Community-Building. Doctoral dissertation. Faculty of Social Sciences, Ragnar Nurkse School of Innovation and Governance. Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn, Estonia. https://digi.lib.ttu.ee/i/?5405

Peek, Nadya, 2016. Making machines that make: Object-oriented hardware meets object-oriented software. Doctoral dissertation. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, School of Architecture and Planning, Program in Media Arts and Sciences, USA. https://dspace.mit.edu/handle/1721.1/107578

Ramanauskaitė, Eglė, 2016. Technarium Hackerspace: Community-Enabled Informal Learning in Science and Technology. Doctoral dissertation. Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Education, Vilnius University, Lithuania.

Searle, Kristin A., 2016. Culturally responsive computing for American Indian youth: Making activities with electronic textiles in the native studies classroom. Doctoral dissertation. Education and Anthropology. University of Pennsylvania, USA. http://repository.upenn.edu/dissertations/AAI10124633/

Shin, Myunghwan, 2016. A makerspace for all: Youth learning, identity, and design in a community-based makerspace. Doctoral dissertation. Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education. Michigan State University, USA.

Somerville, Rachel E., 2016. Making In Education: A Study Of Teachers Decisions To Participate In Professional Development, Their Emerging Understandings Of Making, And Teacher Plans For Implementation. Doctoral dissertation. Education, Educational Leadership. University of California, Davis, USA.

Toombs, Austin Lewis, 2016. Care and the Construction of Hacker Identities, Communities and Society. Doctoral dissertation. School of Informatics and Computing. Indiana University, USA. https://scholarworks.iu.edu/dspace/handle/2022/20880

Weichel, Christian, 2016. Mixed physical and virtual design environments for digital fabrication. Doctoral dissertation. Faculty of Science and Technology, School of Computing & Communications. Lancaster University, UK. http://eprints.lancs.ac.uk/77782/

Dias, Pedro João Jacinto da Silva, 2015.  Design e auto-produção : novos paradigmas para o design de artefactos na sociedade pós-industrial : a contribuição das tecnologias digitais. Doctoral dissertation. Faculdade de Belas Artes. Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal. http://repositorio.ul.pt/handle/10451/17815

Hermans, Guido, 2015. Opening Up Design: Engaging the Layperson in the Design of Everyday Products. Doctoral dissertation. Industrial Design. Umeå Institute of Design, Faculty of Science and Technology. Umeå Institute of Design Research Publications, No. 002. Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden. http://umu.diva-portal.org/smash/record.jsf?pid=diva2%3A852481&dswid=7729

Justice, Sean Bradley, 2015. Learning to teach in the digital age: Digital materiality and maker paradigms in schools. Doctoral dissertation. Teachers College. Columbia University, New York, USA. NOTE: now a book (2016), published by Peter Lang: https://www.peterlang.com/view/product/31836

Mota, Sofia Catarina, 2015. Bits, Atoms, and Information Sharing: new opportunities for participation. Doctoral dissertation. Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, Departamento de Ciências da Comunicação. Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal. http://hdl.handle.net/10362/14505

Philips, Robert Daniel, 2015. The Bee Lab kit: Activities engaging motivated lay users in the use of open technologies for citizen science activities. Doctoral dissertation. School of Design. Royal College of Art, London, UK. http://researchonline.rca.ac.uk/1694/

Bianchini, Massimo, 2014. Industrious design : Design e cambiamento dei modelli di (micro)produzione nell’ibridazione tra individuo e organizzazione [Industrious design: The role of design in the evolution of (micro)production models enabled by the hybridization of individuals and organizations]. Doctoral dissertation (Italian). Industrial Design, Department of Design. Politecnico di Milano, Italy. http://hdl.handle.net/10589/97942

Capdevila, Ignasi, 2014. Coworkers, Makers, and Fabbers: Global, Local and Internal Dynamics of Innovation in Localized Communities in Barcelona. Doctoral Dissertation. HEC Montréal, University of Montréal, Canada. https://ignasi.cat/phd-thesis/

Dexter, Matt, 2014. Open Design and Medical Products. Doctoral dissertation. Sheffield Hallam University, UK. http://shura.shu.ac.uk/12190/

Leduc-Mills, Benjamin A., 2014. Embodied Fabrication: Body-Centric Devices for Novice Designers. Doctoral dissertation. Department of Computer Science. University of Colorado at Boulder, USA. http://benatwork.cc/wp-content/uploads/thesis.pdf

Neves, Heloisa, 2014. Maker innovation. Do open design e fab labs… às estratégias inspiradas no movimento maker. Doctoral dissertation. Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo (FAU). Universidade de São Paulo (USP), São Paulo, Brazil. http://www.bv.fapesp.br/pt/bolsas/132076/maker-innovation-do-open-design-e-fab-labs-as-estrategias-inspiradas-no-movimento-maker/

Seravalli, Anna, 2014. Making Commons: Attempts at composing prospects in the opening of production. Doctoral dissertation. Interaction Design. Dissertation series: New Media, Public Sphere and Forms of Expression. Faculty: Culture and Society. Department: School of Arts and Communication. Mälmö University, Mälmö, Sweden. https://dspace.mah.se/handle/2043/17232

Rajan, Prashant, 2012. Organizing Grassroots Innovations: Examining Knowledge Creation and Sharing Practices for Technological Innovation at the Grassroots. Doctoral dissertation. Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA. http://docs.lib.purdue.edu/dissertations/AAI3556573/

Sinclair, Matthew, 2012. The specification of a consumer design toolkit to support personalised production via additive manufacturing. Doctoral dissertation. Design School. Loughborough University, UK. https://dspace.lboro.ac.uk/2134/11051

Aldoy, Noor N., 2011. An investigation into a digital strategy for industrial design education. Doctoral dissertation. Design School. Loughborough University, UK. https://dspace.lboro.ac.uk/2134/8767

Balka, Kerstin, 2011. Open Source Product Development: The Meaning and Relevance of Openness. Doctoral dissertation. Hamburg University of Technology Hamburg-Harburg, Germany. Published by Gabler, Springer. http://link.springer.com/book/10.1007%2F978-3-8349-6949-1

Silver, Matthew Robin, 2010. Open Collaborative System Design: A Strategic Framework with Application to Synthetic Biology. Doctoral dissertation. Engineering Systems Division. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. https://dspace.mit.edu/handle/1721.1/63012

Zheng, Jing, 2009. Open Collaborative Mechanical/Product Design: User as Developer. A New Design Methodology for Internet Era Business Innovations and Entrepreneurship. Doctoral dissertation. Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Structural Engineering, School of Engineering and Applied Science. Washington University, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. http://openscholarship.wustl.edu/etd/401/

von Busch, Otto, 2008. Fashion-able: Hacktivism and Engaged Fashion Design. Doctoral dissertation. Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, School of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.https://konst.gu.se/artmonitor/avhandlingar/otto_von_busch

Sawhney, Nitin, 2003. Cooperative innovation in the commons: Rethinking distributed collaboration and intellectual property for sustainable design innovation. Doctoral dissertation. Department of Architecture, Program in Media Arts and Sciences. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. https://dspace.mit.edu/handle/1721.1/61861

Master’s theses

Akter Nasrin, 2020. System-Supported Instructor Feedback on the Students’ Design and Prototyping Processes in Fab Lab Education Context. Master’s thesis. University of Oulu, Degree Programme in Computer Science and Engineering. https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/344911374.pdf

Daly, Henry, 2020. Design for hacking & repair: A practical experiment. Master’s thesis. School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland. https://aaltodoc.aalto.fi/handle/123456789/102880

Kliuciute, Simona, 2020. Upcycling Textiles. Master’s thesis. Master’s Programme in Contemporary Design, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Espoo, Finland. https://aaltodoc.aalto.fi/handle/123456789/101790

Adeegbe, Joshua Muyiwa, 2019. A System Supporting Analysis of Prototyping in Fab Lab Education. Master’s Thesis. University of Oulu, Degree Programme in Computer Science and Engineering. https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/344908441.pdf

Park, Goeun, 2019. Rethinking social acceptance of renewable energy. Master’s thesis. Creative Sustainability Master’s Programme, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Espoo, Finland.https://aaltodoc.aalto.fi/handle/123456789/38461

Lachner, Valentina, 2018. The Sweater Work / Shop. Master’s thesis. Product and Spatial Design Master’s Programme, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Espoo, Finland. https://aaltodoc.aalto.fi/handle/123456789/30225

Sherer, Samantha, 2018. Objects that Create Community: Effects of 3D Printing and Distributed Manufacturing beyond Circular Economy. Master’s thesis. Interdisciplinary Art Media and Design, OCAD University, Canada. http://openresearch.ocadu.ca/id/eprint/2291/

Sirelä, Minni-Maaria, 2018. Makeable design: Designing and sharing DIY furniture. Master’s thesis. School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland. https://aaltodoc.aalto.fi/handle/123456789/32325

Harrison, Peter Hugh, 2017. The participatory design of a human-powered shredder for urban farmers in Soweto. Thesis for Master’s of Technology Industrial Design. University of Johannesburg. Available on ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/316734647_The_participatory_design_of_a_human-powered_shredder_for_urban_farmers_in_Soweto?actorId=5820216

Sturmlehner, Marlene, 2017. Entrepreneurship education in action: How FabLabs influence entrepreneurial intention. Master’s thesis. Universität Linz, Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business, Institut für Innovationsmanagement. https://epub.jku.at/obvulihs/content/titleinfo/2246362

Durant, Kathryn M., 2016. The maker movement and 3D printing: A critique. Master’s thesis. Sociology. San Diego State University, USA.

Fornasini, Giacomo, 2016. Investigation into the influence of build parameters on failure of 3D printed parts. Master’s thesis. Mechanical Engineering Department. University of Maryland, USA. http://drum.lib.umd.edu/handle/1903/18836

Hector, Philip, 2016. Trojan Horse: Re-framing sustainable practices as “design support” to attract new practitioners. Master’s thesis. Department of Design, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki, Finland. https://aaltodoc.aalto.fi/handle/123456789/23580

Dickerson, Kathryn, 2015. The Innovation Makerspace: Geographies of Digital Fabrication Innovation in Greater New York City. Master’s thesis. Geography, School of Arts and Sciences, Hunter College. The City University of New York, US. http://academicworks.cuny.edu/hc_sas_etds/8/

Faller, Nicholas L., 2015. Networks of Making. Master’s thesis. Architecture. University of Washington, USA. http://hdl.handle.net/1773/35068

Jobse, Koert, 2015. Catching trains of thought: UX guidelines for facilitating knowledge exchange between makers. Master’s thesis. Department of Design, School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland. https://aaltodoc.aalto.fi/handle/123456789/19027

Morimoto, Taro, 2015. Pelori – Designing a digital service for maker projects through research. Master’s thesis. Department of Media, School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland. https://aaltodoc.aalto.fi/handle/123456789/18095

Oates, Amy, 2015. Evidences of Learning in an Art Museum Makerspace. Master’s thesis. Museology. University of Washington, USA. https://digital.lib.washington.edu/researchworks/handle/1773/33432

Schnedeker, Marya, 2015. An Exploration of Introductory Training Experiences in 3D Design and 3D Printing. Master’s thesis. Human Factors. Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts, USA.

Bagiński, Jan, 2014. Budynek wielorodzinny otwartego kodu [Open Source Housing]. Master’s thesis (Polish). Architecture and Urban Planning. Warsaw University of Technology, Poland. https://apd.usos.pw.edu.pl/diplomas/488/

Lumans, Christine Zinta, 2014. Printable products: Investigating three-dimensional printing in the design process of interior products. Master’s thesis. University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA. https://libres.uncg.edu/ir/uncg/listing.aspx?id=16191

Muhur, Melike, 2014. Evaluation of a Proposal for a Production Center “Fab Lab” as a means of Realization Open Design. Master’s thesis (Turkish). Graduate School of Science, Engineering and Technology. Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey.

Patokorpi, Lassi, 2014. The Art and Craft of the Machine: 3D Printing, the Arts and Crafts Movement and the Democratization of Art. Master’s thesis, English Philology. School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies. University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland. https://tampub.uta.fi/bitstream/handle/10024/95658/GRADU-1402572504.pdf

Rodriguez, Edison, 2014. Open Design no cenário contemporâneo. [Open design in the contemporary context.] Master’s thesis (Portuguese). UNESP (Universidade Estadual Paulista), Brazil. http://repositorio.unesp.br/bitstream/handle/11449/126304/000838099.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y

Sherrill, John T., 2014. Makers: Technical Communication in Post-Industrial Participatory Communities. Master’s thesis. Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA. http://docs.lib.purdue.edu/open_access_theses/378/

Torretta, Nicholas, 2014. A journey through alternative ways of living. Master’s thesis. Department of Design, School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland. https://aaltodoc.aalto.fi/handle/123456789/14003

Weinmann, Julian, 2014. Makerspaces in the university community. Master’s thesis. Institute of Product Development. Technische Universität München, Germany. https://web.stanford.edu/group/design_education/wikiupload/0/0a/Weinmann_Masters_Thesis.pdf

Gardner, Alec J., 2013. The Architecture of Mass Collaboration: How Open Source Commoning Will Change Everything. Master’s thesis. Architecture. University of Cincinnati, USA. https://etd.ohiolink.edu/pg_10?0::NO:10:P10_ETD_SUBID:4686

Heltzel-Drake, Ryan, 2012. Technocraft: Community Fabrication in Rainier Beach. Master’s thesis. Architecture. University of Washington, USA. https://digital.lib.washington.edu/researchworks/handle/1773/21893

Paiva, Juliana, 2012. Towards Openness: A Study about Open Design and its Translation from Theory into Practice. Master’s thesis. New Media & Digital Culture. University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. http://scriptiesonline.uba.uva.nl/en/scriptie/426987

Suarez Carmona, Mariana, 2012. The Value of Design as a Holistic Approach in Enhancing a Global Brand: The Case Study of Heineken Open Design Explorations. Master’s thesis. Strategic Product Design. Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands.http://repository.tudelft.nl/islandora/object/uuid:024f30d8-bd02-4689-aca4-acb0c4de294b?collection=education

Wong, Garry Chun Yang, 2011. Open Source Hardware: The history, issues, and impact on digital humanities. Humanities Computing. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. https://era.library.ualberta.ca/files/4m90dw364#.WIZrbz9MZE4

de Bruijn, Erik, 2010. On the viability of the open source development model for the design of physical objects: Lessons learned from the RepRap project. Master’s thesis. Department of Information Management, Faculty of Economics and Business. University of Tilburg, the Netherlands. http://thesis.erikdebruijn.nl/master/Latex/MscScr-EdB.pdf

Nunez, Joseph Gabriel, 2010. Prefab the FabLab: Rethinking the habitability of a fabrication lab by including fixture-based components. Master’s thesis. Architecture Studies, Department of Architecture. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. https://dspace.mit.edu/handle/1721.1/59201

Turner, Robin, 2010. Open Source as a Tool for Communal Technology Development: Using Appropriate Technology Criteria to Determine the Impact of Open Source Technologies on Communities as Delivered Through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Fab Lab Projects. Master’s thesis. Digital Arts. Wits School of Arts, Faculty of the Arts. University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. http://wiredspace.wits.ac.za/handle/10539/8615

Menichinelli, Massimo, 2006. Reti collaborative : Il design por una auto-organizzazione Open Peer-to-Peer. Master’s thesis (Italian). Industrial Design, Faculty of Design. Politecnico di Milano, Italy. https://issuu.com/openp2pdesign/docs/reti-collaborative

Here is the original list (in reverse order and with open design in different lists): https://blogs.aalto.fi/makerculture/2017/01/24/doctoral-dissertations-and-masters-theses/

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